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Muscle Ropes

Lighting / Sandstrom Series

Lighting / Sandstrom Series

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Get in the best shape of your life with our most versatile workout rope. The Sandstorm is a favorite for boot camps and training professionals alike due to its natural look and durable properties.

The Sandstorm is a tan version of our popular Lightning rope. This rope is also known as the “Unmanila” because it boasts the traditional look of natural Manila fibers but is made from polypropylene, a strong, synthetic material. So this rope is guaranteed not to shed, rot, or mildew.

Our Sandstorm and Lighting ropes are one of the lightest ropes available today. This makes it the ideal choice for high-intensity, high-rep workouts. This rope will burn fat, build endurance, and tone your body in no time.

All of our ropes are fitted with our custom-designed grips that protect your hands and keep your grip even under the most intense, sweaty workouts.

Muscle Ropes are proudly made in the USA and are guaranteed to outperform the competition for years. PLEASE NOTE, this rope material is a special order and may take 7-10 days to fulfill orders.

This workout rope is ideal for seniors, youth, and individuals just beginning a fitness program.

  • Fantastic cardio workout
  • Shed pounds
  • Boost metabolism
  • Improve muscle tone


Rope Weights by Size (lbs)

  30' 40' 50'
1.5" Diameter 11 15 18
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