Battle Ropes

Premium and High quality battle ropes are what we are known for and all three of our ropes meet our high standard of quality. All ropes come with our high quality handles, ensuring long lasting workouts and even longer lasting ropes.

  • Cyclone

    The Cyclone series is our most popular version of our battle ropes, with top of its class durability. Cyclone is ideal for gym owners looking to give their customers a full body workout without worrying about product failure.

    Starting at $129.99 
  • Lighting / Sandstorm

    The Lighting and Sandstorm Ropes are our lightest and most affordable ropes. These ropes were designed to be for those just getting started with battle ropes. They are ideal for individuals looking to add a high cardio workout to their homes.

    Starting at $109.99 
  • Thunder

    Thunder series is our newest and best rope - having the best durability and weight of all out ropes. Thunder is ideal for the elite, those looking to push themselves, and their clients.

    *Thunder Series only comes in a 1.5" size so if your looking for a thicker rope then we suggest going with the Cyclone Series.

    Starting at $269.99 
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