How To Use Battle Ropes

You are interested in purchasing a set of battle ropes, but you don’t know where to start--how to use them, which model to buy, etc. Muscle Ropes manufactures battle ropes of all kinds, including Jump Ropes and Utility Ropes. If you found the battle rope you are looking for, or if you already purchased a set or two and want to learn how to use them, read on.

Pick A Battle Rope Grip

One aspect of heavy rope training that surprises some first-time users is the grip--beginners often don’t know the right way to hold their battle ropes. There is no certified way that you have to hold your ropes, but there are certain grips you can try that have become popular. The first is the traditional grip. Imagine that you are holding a golf club in your hand--position your hand as if you are going to shake someone’s hand, and firmly grip your battle ropes. Another more advanced grip is the underhand grip. Instead of holding your ropes the traditional way, you turn the grip itself upside down, so the rope will curl down and up. This type of grip is great for twisting exercises like the Rope Twist.


Use Your Entire Body

Battle Ropes allow you to use a full range of movements, providing you with a total-body workout. In order to use your whole body, you must become mindful of which muscles are static during your workouts and learn to activate them. For example, instead of just using your arms during the Alternating Waves exercise, keep your core tight so your workout will activate your abdominals, or incorporate a squat position so you also work your lower body. In this manner, battle ropes are an incredibly versatile tool which can harness the muscles in your entire body to perform a movement.

Change The Intensity

If you have been using your battle ropes for a while and seeing results, there are several ways to advance your conditioning with your battle ropes. One way to adjust the intensity of your workout is to buy battle ropes in a larger diameter and/ or length. The longer and thicker your battle ropes are the more difficulty you add to your workouts. We sell battle ropes in 1.5” to 2” diameters and offer several different lengths. Another way to adjust the intensity of your workouts is by incorporating circuits and compound movements into your exercise regimen. Work toward utilizing your entire body and a range of movements during every exercise you use. Moving closer to your anchor also increases the intensity of your workouts, whereas moving farther away decreases the intensity of your workouts.

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