High-Intensity Interval Training

Battle Ropes for Muscle Fitness

Battle ropes are a versatile workout tool to melt fat and engage your muscles. Battle ropes work best when combined with high-intensity interval training. High-intensity interval training is considered by experts to be the most efficient way to burn fat in a short amount of time; that’s why it is a popular training method among athletes and within the military. It provides results. To take advantage of high-intensity interval training, we'll go over some of the reasons why high-intensity training is so effective when combined with Muscle Ropes and show you how to start your own high-insanity training regimen right away.


Why High-Intensity Interval Training with Muscle Ropes?

In short, high-intensity interval training combines intense levels of activity with short periods of rest. When you perform high-intensity interval training, you increase your resting metabolic rate, also known as the Afterburn Effect. Your body continues to burn fat well beyond when you performed your last exercise. In contrast, traditional exercise only allows your body to burn calories during the exercise. By increasing your resting metabolic rate, high-intensity interval training yields a higher fat burn during workouts as well, oxidizing more fat during and after your workout.

High-intensity interval training is known to increase your VO2 Max, or the maximum oxygen your muscles can consume at a given time. More oxygen means longer workouts and better performance.


Training Equipment Solution

High-intensity interval training can be combined with various workout equipment, including stationary bikes and even barbells for extremely effective workouts. Battle Ropes are just as effective as traditional workout equipment when paired with high-intensity interval training and are more versatile and mobile, so you can perform your sets anywhere.

Sample High-Intensity Training Plan

To start, we recommend performing three sets of each exercise with 30 seconds of rest between the sets. After you’ve completed one set of exercises, move onto the next. With each high-intensity interval training set behind you, your subsequent workouts will become easier, and, with time, you can increase your sets to six sets or more for each exercise.

  • Three sets of Alternating Waves with 30 seconds of rest

  • Three sets of Crossovers with 30 seconds of rest

  • Three sets of Slams with 30 seconds of rest

  • Three sets of Lateral Shuffles with 30 seconds of rest

  • Three sets of Alternating Waves with Squats with 30 seconds of rest

Begin with the sample training plan above, and modify the sample workout to your needs and according to your fitness level. If you cannot complete all of the exercises, choose one or two that you know you can perform. Increase the exercises within your circuit as you become more proficient with each exercise.