Which Battle Rope Should I Buy? The Muscle Ropes Buying Guide

Do you need help choosing which battle rope is right for you? Selecting the right battle rope for you may seem a bit overwhelming with all of the different brands, lengths, diameter's and materials out there, but after reading this guide you should be able to shop with confidence. When someone calls us about buying a new battle rope, we want to know where you'll be using it and what your goals are. There are three things to consider before purchasing a battle rope:

Indoors or Outdoors?

The reason this is important to know is because some battle ropes shed and some battle ropes don't shed. For example, in the beach photo, our Aftershock rope (right) is made of manila and comes from a plant, and when these battling ropes strike the floor tiny little "hairs" will fall off of the rope and make a bit of a mess. This is fine if you're going to be outside, but not something you want to deal with in your living room. All of the other battle ropes are made of synthetic fibers like polypropylene, Dacron, and nylon and do not shed. These synthetic ropes are perfect for indoor use and can also be used outdoors as well, like the Lightening rope featured in the photo, (left). Check our FAQ page for more info.

What size?

The next question is what diameter rope will you need? The rope diameter can affect the type of workout you will get. Are you trying to get a heart pumping, high intensity, speedy workout, or are you looking to add some muscle and bulk with a grueling strength workout? If you're into the HIIT training, cardio blasting workout we described above you're going to want a 1.5" diameter battle rope. These ropes will allow you to go hard, maintain a solid grip, and will fit perfectly into a circuit training workout. If building muscles is your priority, and you're prepared to perform a workout that feels more like a bench press than wind sprints, the 2.0" battle rope is for you. These ropes are 35% larger than the 1.5" ropes and require a larger hand and stronger grip to maintain control of the battle rope. Check our FAQ page for more info.

What length?

We most often recommend the 50' length rope as research indicates this length provides the maximum exercise benefit. However, the amount of space you have available will dictate the length of rope you can use. A 50' battle rope will give you 25' of rope in each hand when anchored. Plus you will need to allow for another 5' of space to exercise. So at least 30' of open space is required for a 50' battle rope. We should mention that of the hundreds of battle ropes we sell each year, more than half of them are 1.5" by 50 feet! Check our FAQ page for more info.

With all of these things in mind...

Our most popular battle rope:

Black Cyclone 1.5" Battle Rope By Muscle Ropes