Video Series: Shredded

by Josh Ownby

With the help of Muscle Ropes, you have at your disposal the tools you need to develop the body of your dreams. We compiled a list of effective rope workout videos for you to try with your Muscle Ropes, featuring workout pros like Steve Lutsk of Lutsk Training in Los Angeles. It’s time to get Shredded with Muscle Ropes!

10 CRAZY-CRAZY Muscle Ropes Exercises

Are you ready to step up the intensity of your workouts? Trainer Steve Lutsk guides you through a creative group of ten heart-pumping exercises. Examples include the congo drum, muscle jacks, and ultimate warriors. Try each exercise for thirty-seconds and rest for thirty-seconds between sets.

Lutsk Training takes you step-by-step through an explosive six-minute workout featuring essential Muscle Ropes exercises.

Steve Lutsk demonstrates how to use Muscle Ropes properly, including proper form, so you get the best results out your workout. “My mom can do it!” he says.

Stay tuned for more videos in our Shredded series, building a new body one rope at a time. For more video instruction, check out our Reaction Video Series featuring personal trainer Steve Lutsk.