The Muscle Ropes Reaction Series Has Arrived



Your Current Workout Routine Sucks:

Are you sick of droning away on a treadmill for hours at a time, and still not losing weight? Have you lost weight, but are still unhappy with your new, unhealthy, “skinny fat” physique? Are your generic bargain bin, cardio DVD’s collecting dust on the shelf? Are you sick of workout DVDs telling you you’ll look like an athlete, but end up looking more like a soccer parent? Do you think that professional and collegiate athletes are really doing the same workouts that you bought off late night TV? It’s time for a reality check...

Learn How To Really Train For The Results You Actually Want:

Pro athletes train hard. They lift heavy weights, they do a ton of conditioning work, and they top it off by eating perfectly. That’s why they look the way they do. It’s pretty easy to enroll in a strength training program, and anyone can buy a diet book and follow it, but chances are, you’re slacking in your cardio, or doing it wrong. Pro Athletes don’t run on a treadmill for 2 hours. They do high intensity interval exercises that simultaneously burn fat, and tone their muscles. Why shouldn’t you be able to do the same?

To do these short, but super effective workouts, they can use their own bodyweight, or traditional dumbbells and barbells. There’s nothing wrong with these and I even do these types of workouts myself. But when I really want an all encompassing, quick, hardcore, Look-like-I’m-In-A-Sports-Drink-Commercial workout, there’s no other option than The Muscle Ropes Reaction Series.

This is the best way to improve your athletic performance, improve your cardiovascular health, and enhance muscular endurance than a 15 minute torture session with the ropes. After I do a shoulder workout with weights, why would I want to run on a treadmill for an hour, when I can take my shoulders to their absolute limit, get them even stronger, and burn even more fat in less time than running?

You saw the sports drink commercial, you watched the MMA show, you saw them on the weight loss reality show, and you bought them. Now what? Are you running out of ideas and sick of doing the same 3 exercises over and over? Are you using the ropes that you bought for workouts to tie up your boat because your routine has gotten stale and boring? Are they sitting in the corner of your gym or boot camp because your clients are getting tired of doing the same repetitive, boring moves over and over? Keep them guessing with over 30 different moves. There are thousands of combinations to have a different work out for every day. Put together hundreds of killer metabolic routines to burn out specific muscle groups.

The Cardio You’re Doing May Be Making You Fatter:

If you want to lose weight, you can eat less and go to an aerobics class with my Mom in 1987. Have fun running in place for an hour in your leotard when you end up losing both fat and muscle. When you lose the muscle, you also lose the metabolism. When you lose the metabolism, do you know what happens when you stop Zumba-ing? You end up gaining even more fat than you had to start out with, and this time it will be even harder to lose. This is insanely stupid and inefficient and there’s a reason why you don’t see these Richard Simmon’s style workouts on TV anymore. THEY DON’T WORK.

You want a workout that not only is going to crank up your metabolism while you’re doing it, but also burns calories for up the 36 hours after the workout. You will still be burning body fat like a furnace when you’re sitting at work the next day. Sally at the desk next to you will be on her second donut while you’re still getting ripped from work you did the day before.

So you’ve been going to the gym every day for the last 2 years, working your butt off on the elliptical for up to 90 minutes. How much weight have you lost and kept off, 10 or 15 lbs? That’s great, but have you really changed the way your body looks? How come the “ripped people” get to the gym after you, and leave before you without ever even glancing at a stationary bike, or treadmill? It’s not because they’re working out longer, it’s because they’re working out smarter. There’s a 99% chance they’re activating more muscles, at a higher intensity, for less time, but getting 2-3 times better results and actually changing their body composition. The amount of time you spend at the gym does not directly equal the quality of your results. Science has proven that short bursts of intense, multi-muscular, compound movements are much more effective at burning fat than “old school” steady state cardio. This is why it’s possible to get a better workout in 15 minutes with the Muscle Ropes Reaction Series, than sweating profusely over your treadmill for 60 minutes.

Video 1: Muscle Ropes Reaction, Cardio And Conditioning: This is the number one tool for conditioning the body, maximizing fat loss, and improving athletic performance. This is 20 minutes of non-stop, full-body, metabolically demanding chaos. This quick and brutal routine combines 18 different exercises with very minimal rest to prepare your body for any type of athletic activity, or endurance event, all while getting you ripped to shreds. It features 2 different skills levels and is perfect for people that are just start out, or ready for an advance challenge.

Video 2: Muscle Ropes Reaction, Leg Day:If you want the strongest, shapeliest legs that you’re capable of achieving, look no further. If endless squats and lunges aren’t getting your legs beach ready, this is your solution. Use it as a stand-alone leg workout, or add it to the end of your current leg routine to stimulate new muscle fibers and enhance definition. Say bye-bye to your chicken legs, and hello to tree trunks. Get ready for an intense burn that’s simply not possible through traditional equipment. Not only will your legs be stronger and more muscular, but they’ll also be more defined. If you’ve never done a lunge, or if you’re squatting 600 pounds, this is the edge you’ll need to take your leg strength and endurance a few steps further.

Video 3: Muscle Ropes Reaction,Upper Body: Get a more defined chest, diamond shaped triceps, stronger, beach ready biceps, and chiseled core with this intense sequence that combines rope work with old school calisthenics. Stimulate your shoulders, arms, and chest and unveil striations that you usually only see on fitness models, professional athletes, and bronze statues. Your upper body will perform better, and for longer periods of time after this 20 minute session that varies in difficulty from beginner to pro. This upper body blast will help shed the unsightly, unhealthy fat that surrounds your muscles and bring them to light. You’ll no longer hide your arms for photos, you’ll probably want to cut off the sleeves of all your shirts, and maybe even your jackets.

Finally Discover The Type Of Fat Shredding Workout That’s Actually Used By Pro Athletes And Fighters

Never waste another minute on an elliptical. Uncover and stimulate muscles that you never even knew existed to make your body the leanest, and strongest its ever been in under 20 minutes a day. The Muscle Ropes Reaction Series isn’t a fad, it’s the real deal. Unlike the temporary results you get from a traditional fad workout, the Muscle Ropes Reaction series will help you get results that are permanent.