Speed Workouts With Lightning Battle Ropes

by Josh Ownby

Are you looking for lightning fast workouts you can perform anywhere? With our Lightning Ropes, you get speed and an efficient workout in one high-quality package. Our Muscle Ropes are perfect for intense workouts to burn calories quickly, and our Lightning Ropes are lightweight and are perfect for indoor workouts.

What’s In Our Lightning Ropes?

Our Lightning Ropes are made from a high-performance polypropylene for strength. These ropes take whatever you throw at them and are the lightest of all of our battle ropes. That means more efficient workouts all day long. Our Lightning Ropes don’t shed, either, so they’re perfect for the local gym or home workout. These ropes are intended for indoor use but can also be used for outdoor workouts, though a battle rope such as our Aftershock series might be better suited for the outdoors.

Speed Workouts For Your Lightning Ropes

Battle ropes are excellent tools for increasing your speed and agility, and our Lightning Ropes were made with this in mind. To build the explosive power needed for top speeds, identify lower body exercises that you can include in your workouts. For instance, start by performing Alternating Waves, and incorporate a jumping squat into the exercise. Another great exercise to enhance your speed is burps. Burpees are a combination exercise, usually beginning with a jump and transitioning into a pushup. Do a standard burpee but hold your ropes tightly as your perform them. You can also incorporate slams into this exercise for added intensity. Standard exercises like alternating waves, coupled with a faster speed, are great for developing arm strength and endurance.

Choose The Lighting Rope For Your Needs

Our Lightning Ropes come in various sizes for your convenience. Something to keep in mind, though, the longer the length of the rope, the greater the difficulty. Choose a rope length that is comfortable for your fitness level. Here is a breakdown of our Lightning Rope sizes:

30' = Beginners, Kids 6-11

40' = Women, Kids 12-17, Stronger Women, High School/College Athletics

50' = Athletic Women

75' = Crossfit Games Contenders

Try our Lightning Ropes today, and build the body of your dreams!

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