Outdoor Battle Ropes Provide Flexible, Dynamic Workouts

by Josh Ownby

Our battle ropes offer a flexible solution for your workout needs. Our  Cyclone Rope, for instance, doesn’t fray and is made from high-performance polypropylene—perfect for indoor workouts. On the other hand, our Aftershock Rope is constructed to endure even the most demanding outdoor workouts. Since spring is here and summer is only a few months away, our outdoor ropes offer you a chance to take your workouts outside and exercise just about anywhere.

Dynamic Exercise and “Afterburn”

Our battle ropes make outdoor workouts fun and dynamic. To begin using your ropes, simply bring along a heavy anchor of your choice to wrap your battle ropes around, or find a solid object, such as a tree stump, to secure your ropes in place. Battle rope workouts are fluid, so you can change from one exercise to another without a break in between. What’s more, you’ll challenge your body in ways you never thought possible, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

High Intensity Training (HIT) burns more calories than working out at a steady pace, and outdoor battle rope workouts combine HIT with strength training , elevating your metabolism and incinerating those pesky love handles in a fraction of the time. HIT also has an effect called “afterburn,” which means your body burns calories for hours after you pack up your ropes.

A Total Body Workout, On-The-Go

Easily store your outdoor battle ropes in a small bag to take along with you everywhere, so if you want to perform a few minutes of high-intensity training on-the-go, you have a total body workout solution at your fingertips. Gym equipment works one, maybe two muscles at a time, but battle ropes work several muscle groups in unison, meaning your workouts are faster and more effective.

Start your outdoor battle rope workout today with our  Aftershock Rope, and earn the body you deserve!