Muscle Ropes Brand Ambassadors: Quinn McNicholas

by Josh Ownby

Quinn McNicholas is a certified personal trainer who developed an interest in health and wellness at a young age. Her interest in sports led her to pursue a career in wellness and personal fitness. She obtained multiple certifications to provide quality instruction to her clients. Quinn owns and operators Fitness By Quinn, a personal training business where she specializes in weight loss, stabilization, and rehabilitation. For a total body workout, Quinn relies on Muscle Ropes to train for fitness competitions and to help her clients reach their peak fitness potential. She uses Muscle Ropes as a tool in her training sessions and personally considers battle ropes the best weight loss and muscle building tool on the market. Quinn loves taking her workout to the beach and enjoys spending quality time with close friends. “Nothing is out of reach and unattainable; set goals and charge them with all you got!” she says.

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