Muscle Ropes As An Alternative Workout Solution

by Josh Ownby

Our Muscle Ropes make an excellent alternative to traditional weight-bearing workout routines. By utilizing your natural body movements, Muscle Ropes activates the smallest muscles in your body to provide you with a heart-pounding workout, without the impact.

Traditional workouts using machines in the gym are hard on the body, sometimes leaving you with injuries. To combat this, we advise using your own set of Muscle Ropes as a supplement to your traditional workout or as an alternative solution to reduce injuries while building muscle mass.

So, how do Muscle Ropes build muscle mass while remaining low-impact? Muscle Ropes utilize stability and the interaction between muscles for an intense workout. By using isometrics, which make your muscles work against each other, Muscle Ropes confuse your muscles which leads to greater gains.

How Does Muscle Ropes Stack Up Against Other Workout Equipment?

There are tons of workout equipment out there, but Muscle Ropes have something many of these workout solutions are missing: freedom of movement. Instantly change workouts with the flick of the wrist, or go from upper body to lower body movement with ease. This freedom of movement leads to a full body workout that is easy on the joints and a killer workout for your muscles. And if you’re looking for an endurance-boosting effect, look no further. Muscle Ropes also works your heart and raises oxygen levels, so you can workout even harder.

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