Meet Your Fitness Goals with the Muscle Ropes Reaction Series

by Josh Ownby

How to Build Lean Muscle Mass with Our Exercise Rope Workouts

Meet your fitness goals and blast stubborn fat like never before with the Muscle Ropes Reaction Series Video Course. Learn to use your battle ropes properly and build a lean body with the help of expert trainers.

Boring workouts are now a thing of the past, and many of the so-called “personalized workouts” make you skinny with a high body fat percentage. That’s where the Reaction Series comes in.

We take the same high-intensity rope exercises professional athletes use and break them down into easy-to-understand videos that anyone can perform. By using high-intensity exercise, you burn fat longer and build muscle that will last. And this fitness rope exercise program builds a strong heart, too—the most important muscle in your body!

The Reaction Series is broken into three parts for your convenience. Mix and match videos or perform one each day.

Video 1 focuses on cardiovascular health and endurance. In just twenty-minutes, you blast fat and condition your body, and the video contains two different skill levels, so even beginners can perform the rope workout exercises.

Video 2, “Leg Day,” introduces you to exercises that build a strong lower body, for more defined legs. It’s an intense exercise you’ll definitely be feeling the next day, and with continued use, you’ll find your legs become stronger and conditioned for endurance.

Video 3 shows you how to build the upper body of your dreams. If you wish for a chiseled chest or bulging biceps, trainer Steve Lusk of Lutsk Training shows you how to stimulate the muscles in your entire upper body for unprecedented results in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t waste another year dabbling in workout videos that don’t work or make you “skinny fat.” The Reaction Series is here, and with hard work, determination, and a set of Muscle Ropes, you’ll be meeting your fitness goals in no time.

Try our Reactions Series Video Series, and order your own set of Muscle Ropes today!