Jump Your Way To A Lean Body

by Josh Ownby

Our Jump Ropes provide a heart-pounding workout in a traditional form factor but with the quality and construction of a Muscle Ropes product. Our Jump Ropes provide an intense cardio session that will leave your muscles burning.

Our Jump Ropes are a spin on the traditional jump rope. The old jump rope form factor is thin and light, but Muscle Ropes Jump Ropes reinvent the idea of jump rope exercise. By enhancing the diameter and adding weight, we transformed the old jump rope into a muscle building tool with the same cardiovascular benefits.

Now, you can choose between an indoor Muscle Rope jump rope and an outdoor jump rope. Our indoor Jump Ropes are made from the same high-quality material that we use for our Cyclone Battle Ropes, a high strength polyester, and performance polypropylene. These materials make our indoor Jump Ropes light and fast, so you can perform a quick succession of exercises in no time.

On the other hand, our outdoor Jump Ropes match the heft and rugged feel of our Aftershock Ropes, a manila rope made of natural fibers. The outdoor Jump Rope is perfect for outdoor exercises in the grass or on the court.

Health Benefits of Skipping Rope

Skipping rope as an activity has been around since ancient times, depicted in medieval painting across Europe and tracing its roots back to ancient China. Though many are first introduced to skipping rope as children, skipping rope provides many health benefits for people of all ages. Similar to the anaerobic activity in running or cycling, skipping rope burns a lot of calories in a short period; that’s why it is a favorite among athletes in competitive sports.

Taking the history and health benefits of skipping rope into consideration, Muscle Ropes set out to create a jump rope that combines the traditional skipping rope with the form factor of our battle ropes. By melding these two form factors, we created a jump rope that effectively doubles the cardiovascular benefits of a traditional jump rope by increasing the diameter and weight of the rope. The result is an explosive workout that builds strength and cardiovascular endurance.

For information on Jump Rope workouts, including sample Jump Rope circuits and exercises to get you started, visit our article on Jump Rope exercises.