Is Jumping Rope The Secret To A Ripped Body?

by Josh Owenby

Jumping rope has many benefits and is, perhaps, one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises out there. That is why we developed our series of Muscle Ropes Jump Ropes—to combine the benefits of jumping rope with the quality and muscle building benefits of our battle ropes.

Jumping rope achieves many of the same results of traditional cardio tools in a fraction of the time. Generally, jumping rope can burn 100 calories every 10 mins, so a quick thirty-minute workout yields excellent results. It is a lower impact exercise than running, which makes it a great cross-training exercise for runners or an alternative exercise for those who dislike running for 30-45 minutes a day. So, it burns calories fast, but how does jumping rope affect musculature?

Though known as an excellent cardiovascular exercise, jumping rope is also great lower body exercise, and it also works your core, your arms, and, most importantly, your heart. As you skip rope more frequently, you will find a host of added benefits: increased speed and agility, to name a few.

Mobility is one of the key benefits of jumping rope. Just throw the rope in your bag, and head out. You can jump rope outside, in the gym, or even in your house. With this kind of mobility, working out becomes fun and spontaneous.

Our Jump Ropes are the baddest jump ropes that you have ever seen. They are made from the same high-quality materials that our Battle Ropes are famous for, so now more buying a new set of jump ropes every season. These ropes take jumping rope to a new level. Our Jump Ropes forego the flimsy cord and rope that typical skipping ropes are made of; because our ropes are heavier, you receive the cardiovascular benefits of a traditional jump rope with the muscle-building effect of our battle ropes.

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