Introduce Rope Climbing Into Your Workouts

by Josh Ownby

Rope Climbing

Have you ever tried rope climbing? It’s perhaps one of the best exercises to develop grip strength and can be just as effective as pull ups for developing your upper body strength. Muscle Ropes created a rope specifically for climbing, made from our durable manilla rope, with an integrated loop to easily string your rope up.

The Benefits of Rope Climbing

Rope climbing uses your own bodyweight and is an excellent method for building strength in your arms and lower back. When you climb a rope, you rely on the muscles in the upper body to propel you upward. Since the weight is unevenly distributed, your grip must change based on the position of your body, making its grip strengthening abilities superior to that of a kettlebell, for instance.

Rope Climbing Techniques

Beginners may benefit from a shorter rope and the use of their legs as support. For example, the U.S. Marines use what’s called a brake and squat technique for rope climbing. After grabbing the rope with both hands, it is wrapped under one foot and over the top of another, providing support without using much arm strength. This might be beneficial for beginners who wish to practice their form or become familiar with rope climbing. Advanced rope climbers learn to climb without the use of their legs, relying solely on their upper body strength. In order to reach this level, you must be able to support all of your bodyweight--no easy feat for the beginner.

Introduce rope climbing into your workouts today with our Climbing Ropes, and take a look at our other Muscle Ropes products for a complete workout system. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information on our products and how you can reach your fitness goals.