Indoor vs Outdoor Battle Rope Workouts

by Josh Ownby

Our battle ropes hold strong even in the most demanding environments, including during indoor and outdoor workouts. All of our battle ropes can be used in either environment, though some are better suited, for instance, for outdoor workouts.

Indoor vs Outdoor Ropes

Muscle Ropes develops various battle ropes for your indoor and outdoor workouts. Our Aftershock Rope, our heaviest battle rope, is made from a strong natural fiber. This rope is perfect for your outdoor workouts. Just throw it in your bag, and head outside.

On the other hand, our Lightning Ropes are perfect for indoor workouts in the gym or a workout room at home. Made from our high performance polypropylene, these ropes are the ideal indoor workout solution.

Indoor vs Outdoor Workouts

You can now build a home gym anywhere with our indoor and outdoor battle ropes. Are you looking for speed and intensity in your indoor workouts. Our indoor battle ropes don’t fray and are perfect for fast circuits combined with kettle bells or sleigh pulls.

Our Aftershock Rope is tough, built for the muddy terrain. Simply wrap your outdoor battle rope around a tree and perform alternating waves, or take your workout up a notch by introducing weighted objects into your workouts.

Of course, you can always buy one of each and combine your workouts - the outdoor ropes for those sunny days when you need some fresh air and the indoor ropes for quick, focused workouts in your home gym.

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