How To Use Your Muscle Ropes For The First Time

by Josh Ownby

Muscle Ropes are intuitive to use and provide you with a high-intensity workout. However, some beginners buy their battle ropes in hopes of jumping right in without doing their research. Often, this leads to some confusion on how to properly use the ropes, but if you take the following steps into consideration, you’ll be working your way to a better body in no time.

Anchor Your Rope

The first step in using any Battle Rope is to anchor your rope. You don’t want the rope to slip or come loose during your workouts, so the key to anchoring your ropes properly is to find a solid weight, such as a pole, which won’t shift as you perform your exercises.

Choose Your Grip

Choose a grip which works for you. The best grip for beginners is the basic grip, similar to a handshake. This grip ensures a tight hold of your rope, so it doesn’t slip. Other examples of grips include the overhand grip and the double grip. The further down the rope you place your grip, the more difficult the resistance. So, battle ropes beginners should start by gripping their battle ropes closer to the handle, until they’re experienced enough to increase resistance.

Start Shorter

Battle ropes come in various sizes and diameters, with the 1.5 inch and 2 inch ropes being the most popular. If you’re just starting out, begin with a shorter rope like the 30 foot Lightning 1.5 rope, and work your way up to the larger ropes as you get the hang of manipulating your ropes.

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