How To Use Utility Ropes To Supplement Your Workout

by Josh Ownby

Are you looking for a versatile fitness tool to maximize your workouts or add intensity? The Muscle Ropes Utility Ropes come with a 4’ section of manilla rope which can be used for a variety of purposes, all while improving your grip strength.

Think of the Utility Rope as a supplemental exercise tool, one with seemingly endless supply of applications. For example, imagine incorporating our Utility Ropes into a kettlebell curl. Run the rope through and grab the handles. Do a rep, and feel your hands growing stronger by the second. It’s just that easy.

Or imagine using the Muscle Ropes Utility Rope with your pull up workout, activating even the smallest muscles in your arms, all while achieving great results.

What makes these workout ropes so versatile?

Their small form factor and strength make these exercise ropes more portable than traditional battle ropes, and these ropes make the perfect companion to our regular sized battle ropes. Throw both sets in your bag and you have powerful workout tools at your disposal.

Who are the Utility Ropes made for?

The answer is anyone who wants a supplemental tool in their workouts to either increase strength or improve the power of their grip. Many of our users use these ropes with their kettlebells, pull up workouts, and sleigh pulls, though their application is limited only to your imagination.

Buy the Muscle Ropes 1.5 inch or 2 inch Utility Rope today, and improve your workouts substantially. Also, browse our list of battle ropes and jump ropes to find the perfect workout ropes for your needs.