How to Make the Most of Your Workout with Muscle Ropes

by Josh Ownby

Muscle Ropes are a fantastic tool to get you in shape fast, so how do you make the most of your workout? To begin, we’ll go over a few of the basics to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly, and then we’ll talk about what you can do to accelerate your workout pace and progress.

How To Begin With Muscle Ropes

Muscle Ropes can be used anywhere, including the outdoors, for a fast, effective workout. The first thing to do is find the rope for your needs. Do you like to workout outdoors, or do you prefer the gym? Our Cyclone Ropes are fast and don’t shed, so they are perfect for at-home workouts or workouts in the gym. Our Aftershock Ropes are heavier, built from our manilla rope material. They are tough against the elements, so they are perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

The grip is also important during your workout. There are all kinds of grips you can use for your Muscle Ropes: the basic grip, the double grip, and the overhand grip, to name a few. Starting out, we recommend using the basic grip, similar to a handshake.

Next, just begin experimenting with your ropes. Find objects to anchor them to the ground, and read our blog for helpful beginner workouts to start you out. It’s that simple!

Take Your Muscle Ropes Workout To The Next Level

If you are looking to enhance your Muscle Ropes workouts, there are a few things you can do to start right away. First, look at your exercises, and try to make them more advanced. For example, you might be used to performing the Alternating Waves, a popular workout for Muscle Ropes users. To turn this basic exercise into an advanced one, try incorporating a squat or other lower body movement into the exercise, so you are isolating both your upper and lower body muscle. As you become more proficient with your Muscles Ropes, try out a larger size. The larger Muscle Ropes provide a more intense workout to take your workout to the next level.

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