How to Choose an Exercise Rope

by Josh Owenby

Muscle Ropes offers a wide selection of exercise ropes for sale, so we know it can become overwhelming if you’re looking to choose the perfect one. Keep reading to learn about what to look for when selecting your exercise rope.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Exercise Rope

The first thing to consider is where you will be using your Jump Rope. Exercise ropes come in a variety of materials that a specific to indoor or outdoor use. Typically, manila ropes perform better outside due to their durability, but their natural fibers may shed and make a mess indoors. If you don’t mind the mess, then go for manila. Some ropes are made from synthetic fibers that don’t flake or shed and are less likely to scratch the surface of floors when you slam them, which is a nice option to have in your house. That said, there’s nothing wrong with taking these synthetic ropes outside too.

Secondly, what kind of workout are you looking to get from your exercise rope? Do you want to boost your heart rate and train for speed, or would you rather get “pumped” with a muscle building workout? While you can use most any rope for either of these purposes, you’ll typically need a smaller diameter (1.5”) rope for cardio, HIIT or circuit training. For more intense muscle gains, a 2” diameter rope is the way to go. If you’re not sure, err on the lighter side.

Third, you need to consider what length of rope is optimal for your fitness level. When you select a rope on our website, you will see in the item description what lengths are available. Usually, the longer the rope, the more intense the battle rope workout.

Tips For Choosing Your Exercise Rope

You may notice that people using battle ropes have an end of rope in each hand. Workouts are generally done by wrapping one rope around an anchor, so check out our accessories too. You can adjust the length of your rope by knotting it in the middle. Our FAQ page contains so much more info than we can fit here, so if you want to know more about Muscle Ropes, head there.

Finally, call us to order your exercise rope. We can help you navigate the exercise ropes for sale at Muscle Ropes to determine the right one for you.