How Muscle Ropes Can Balance Your Workout Routine

by Josh Ownby

Given its ease of use and efficiency, Muscle Ropes training supplements other workout programs easily. If you’re seeking a balanced workout regimen, incorporating Muscle Ropes into your workouts can lead to better performance and faster recovery.

Low-Impact Workouts

Using weights and participating in high-impact workouts places stress on the muscle and joints. Heavy rope training provides a total body workout but without the stress traditional workout equipment puts on the body. Runners, for instance, benefit from low-impact cross-training, providing relief from the effects of pounding the pavement. By introducing a Muscle Ropes workout into your routine, you increase your overall fitness level and provide your body with time to heal.


A balanced workout consists of weight and cardio training with period of rest. Muscle Ropes can be used virtually anywhere--string your Muscle Ropes around a tree, and you’re off! Given their size and ease of transport, Muscle Ropes are the perfect addition to a minimal workout routine.

Cardiovascular Health

Muscle Ropes training is not only fantastic for muscle-building, but it also provides plenty of cardiovascular benefits, keeping your heart pumping and increasing your V02 max, so you can work out harder, longer.

A Stronger Core

A strong core leads to a stronger body and helps prevent injury. The core is the center of a Muscle Ropes workout, requiring stability and power to execute moves properly. By working from the core outward, heavy rope training engages the core muscles constantly.

Speedy Workouts

Do you want highly-effective workouts without spending hours at the gym? Muscle Ropes training works most of the muscles in your body in as little as twenty-minutes. Since heavy rope training utilizes even the smallest muscles in your body, the speed of the workouts means you can perform weight-training before or after, so you can maximize gains and exhaust your muscles completely.