Battle Ropes Exercises To Trim Your Waistline

by Josh Owenby

If you are trying to trim your waistline, there is no better tool to help you meet your goal than battle ropes. Muscle Ropes creates high-quality battle ropes that anyone at any age can use. Take a look at these few battle rope exercises to trim your waistline, and browse our list of Muscle Ropes.

The best way to trim your waistline is to burn fat and build muscle within your core. Battle ropes perform both of these functions brilliantly by providing you with a cardiovascular workout and muscle building exercise in one, and battle ropes provide a full-body workout, too, systematically working every major muscle group in a mobile, low-impact form factor. The first exercise we suggest targets the core using isolation. Simply assume a squatting position and tighten your abs. Grab your battle ropes and begin performing Alternating Waves by producing an up-and-down motion similar to an ocean wave, alternating each arm as you progress. This works both your arms and the smallest muscle in your core. Just remember to keep those abdominals tight!

Next, we suggest Rope Twists. Sit on a floor or mat with your hands together holding your battle ropes. With knees slightly bent, move both hands to the left side of your body, then twist your body, moving both ropes to your right side. This is one repetition. Keep your core tight, and speed up the exercise, creating a fluid twisting motion. This exercise is great for targeting the obliques.

Finally, to work those tiny muscles in your core, we suggest the Wood Chop. The Wood Chop combines the Rope Twist with a basic battle rope exercise, “Slams.” Rotate from side to side, grasping both ends of your battle ropes, and slam the ropes to the ground. Rotate to the other side and perform the same motion. You can also incorporate a backward lunge into this exercise for even greater intensity.

Here are some final tips:

  • Remember to keep your core tight during the aforementioned exercises and other battle rope exercises, even those that utilize your arms more heavily.
  • Try to perform exercises which target several different sections of your core for the greatest benefits.
  • Perform circuits using the above exercises or any of the other exercises we mention in the Muscle Ropes blog. You will burn fat more rapidly and even benefit from the “Afterburn Effect.”

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