Battle Rope Exercises For Sculpted Arms

by Josh Ownby

Did you know that battle rope exercises build unprecedented strength and mass in your arms? If you are looking for that sculpted look and are tired of traditional workout equipment, battle ropes provide an alternative workout solution that you can perform anywhere. Just anchor your battle ropes and start moving; it’s that simple. Here are a few exercises to try so you can build the sculpted arms you want in less time.

Alternating Waves

Anchor your battle ropes, and place one end in each of your hands. Stabilize your core and begin alternating your arms, creating a wave that moves from your hand to where your rope is anchored. Speed up the process and move your arms as quickly as possible for a cardiovascular workout that builds sculpted arms.

Battle Rope Jumping Jacks

You know those jumping jacks you performed in gym class as a kid? With battle ropes, they aren’t just for kids anymore. Holding one end of your battle ropes in each hand, perform on set of 30 jumping jacks as quickly as possible. The heavier the battle rope, the more difficult the exercise. Jumping Jacks build strong shoulders and work the arms while building your cardiovascular fitness.

Jump Rope

Muscle Ropes provides jump ropes made of our heavy manilla rope material. Jump Ropes are excellent for sculpting the arms, as they provide a full range of motion which consistently engages your arm muscles. Begin with short, quick workouts and continue to add more repetitions as your arms become stronger. Our Jump Ropes will become an indispensable part of your battle rope arsenal.

Experiment with different types of battle ropes to find the perfect rope for your arm workouts. If you are looking for fast workouts, try our Cyclone Ropes. Try our Aftershock Ropes for a larger rope to build bulging arm muscles while exercising in the outdoors. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more battle ropes exercises for sculpted arms.