A Complete Guide To Selecting The Right Muscle Rope For You

by Josh Ownby

To begin the process of choosing the best Muscle Rope for your needs, it’s important to analyze your workout regime and goals. Muscle Ropes come in various diameters, materials, and lengths for different purposes. Consider the following tips when choosing a rope for your needs, but feel free to experiment with several ropes to enhance your workouts.

Strength Training vs. Cardio

By using a smaller rope, a Lightning 1.5” for instance, you can perform quick, successive movement for an effective cardiovascular workout. These ropes are easier to grip and features a high performance polypropylene material for a light rope you can take with you almost anywhere.

If a sturdy strength training rope is what you’re looking for, the Aftershock 2” is 45 percent heavier than the Lighting 1.5” and is made with tough, natural fibers best suited for outdoor workouts. These ropes work your muscles harder, strengthening your core and blasting fat.

Again, in order to find the right rope for you, it’s important to understand your goals. Is your goal to burn fat using quick circuits, or is your focus on muscle gain? If you’re looking for a mix of both, the Cyclone 1.5” is a versatile option. These ropes don’t shed, so they’re perfect for indoor use, yet they’re heavier than the Lighting 1.5”, so they can be incorporated into your personal strength training program.

Choose Your Length

Muscle Ropes come in a variety of lengths: 30’, 40’, 50’, 75’, and 100’. Think of these lengths in terms of difficulty, with the 30’’ being the least difficult and the 100’ being the most difficult. The 50’ is a popular length of moderate difficulty suitable for most users who want a versatile rope they can use almost anywhere. If you’re looking a rope that will challenge you and maximize your strength workouts, the 75’ and 100’ deliver punishing workouts but deliver amazing results.

After you’ve found the Muscle Rope which works for you, consider purchasing additional ropes to provide you with a well-rounded workout. For instance, many people purchase at least one 1.5’ rope and one 2.0’ rope. By having both types at your disposal, you can alternate your workouts to suit your goals and achieve your goals more quickly.