5 Battle Rope Partner Exercises

by Josh Ownby

We’ve mentioned in our previous articles how to perform Battle Ropes exercises by yourself to increase endurance and build lean muscle; however, Battle Rope exercises can also be performed with a partner to increase the intensity and create an engaging workout between two people. The exercises below are just a guide and can be modified to your, or your partner’s specifications.

Battle Rope Partner Exercises Setup

The easiest way to perform partner exercises for most of the following exercises is to take one battle rope in your right hand, and your partner, standing across from you, will take the same rope in their left hand. Do the same with your left hand. So, you essentially have your battle rope in each hand. One alternative option is to loop your battle rope with your partners. Simply take one battle rope and loop it through the other, pulling it tight. The first grip option is more flexible while the looping option is more dependent on your partner’s movements.

Battle Rope Partner Exercises

Alternating Waves

Alternating Waves is a basic battle ropes exercise everyone should have in their arsenal. It’s an effective and flexible workout that you can modify to your needs by increasing the intensity and power of your waves. Stand across from your partner, almost to the point where you battle ropes are pulled tight but not too tightly where there is no slack in the rope. Part of the difficulty with performing battle rope exercises with a partner is matching their rhythm. You’ll notice that if your arm movements aren’t in sync, it makes for a slow exercise. Feel free to start by practicing Alternating Waves with one arm, matching your partner’s wave, then add the second arm, increasing your speed as you become more proficient at matching your partner’s rhythm.


Setup your battle ropes with your partner as discussed in the setup section above. Slams are another basic battle ropes exercise that you should have in your repertoire. Partner Slams work like a seesaw. One person raises the ropes as high as they can and slams them to the ground, creating a ripple effect. In turn, your partner can use the momentum of your slam to raise the battle ropes into the air and slam them to the ground, sending the wave back to you. With practice, these slams can become intense fat-burning sessions, and you can modify your slams by crouching or squatting to increase the intensity of your workout and target the muscles in your lower body.


Another version of the slam is the Crossover. Instead of slamming the rope the ground in front of you, twist the battle ropes to one side. Do this in sync with your partner, and try to twist from one side to the other without taking a break. This exercise is great for the obliques and your entire core. Incorporate this exercise into your circuits after you performs Slams to create a dynamic workout set.


With a battle rope in each hand, begin a circular movement with each arm away from your body, similar to a twirling motion, change direction and move the circle in towards your body. Try to perform wider circles for a more difficult workout, or smaller circles at an increased speed for circuits.

Lateral Shuffles

One of the benefits of using Muscle Ropes is their versatility while performing workouts. Each of these workouts can be easily modified by incorporating more movement or combination movements during the exercise. The Lateral Shuffle is one such example. Incorporating the same movements describes in the Alternating Waves exercise, the Lateral Shuffle adds a side to side movement to engage your lower body. Move with your partner, shuffling side to side as you perform Alternating Waves.

Bonus exercise: Battle Rope Pulls

Pulling exercises are great for the upper body, and your partner can participate in a battle rope pull in various ways. A sled pull is one such example: one person sits on a sled or flat board which can hold their weight while another attached the battle rope around the sleigh or around the partner’s body. The object is to pull the sled with your partner on it for a certain distance then release. Another way to perform the exercise is to place the battle ropes in your hand in front of you and push the forward instead of pulling.

Mix and match the exercises that work for you and your partner, and feel free to modify any of the exercises we mentioned today. Battle Rope workouts with a partner are a fun, engaging way to utilize your Muscle Ropes and spice up your workout routine. For more workouts, product showcases, and workout tips, subscribe to our blog. Follow us on Facebook and  I nstagram to join our community of Muscle Ropes fanatics and build the body of your dreams.