4 Jump Rope Workouts You can Do at Home (Or Anywhere!)

by Josh Ownby

Jumping Rope is one of the most efficient and convenient forms of exercise. Burn calories fast and increase your lung capacity over time, so you can workout even harder. And with our the Muscle Ropes Jump Rope, a thicker rope made from our high-quality materials, you’ll build endurance and muscles in a way traditional jump ropes can’t match. To get started with your Jump Rope, take a look at our list of exercises you can do anywhere.

Jump Rope Circuits

Are you ready to burn calories fast? Circuits are excellent for shedding pounds, and with a jump rope you can seamlessly transition from one exercise to another. For example, start out jumping rope for thirty seconds and then move into a push-up. Do as many reps as possible in thirty-seconds, and then move back into jumping rope. Perform another thirty-seconds of jumping rope, and then move into a plank. After thirty seconds, rest for one minute, then start again. Try to perform three sets.

Single Leg Jumps

Single leg jumps are great for the lower body, including the calves and quadriceps. Begin by performing your standard jump rope routine, and then hop on one leg and perform 15-20 jumps. Then shift to the other leg and repeat. As you build up your leg muscles, increase the amount of jumps per minute.

Timed Jump Rope

It’s a classic exercise, and for good reason: it works. Warm up for at least thirty seconds, then set your timer for one minute. Perform as many standard rope jumps as possible during that minute, and then rest for thirty seconds. Try to perform three sets. As you advance, incorporate single leg jumps or a criss-cross into your timed workout.


It takes some time to perform the criss-cross correctly, but when you do, you’ll find that your jump rope workouts become more fun and challenging. Criss-crossing works the shoulders and entire upper body and also targets the obliques. Simply cross your arms as your bring the jump rope down. As you become better at the criss-cross, you can add advanced techniques like the single leg jump for added intensity.

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