4 Great Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Muscle Ropes Exercises

by Josh Ownby


Photo By Trent Builder

Muscle Ropes can be used anywhere, anytime, and incorporating them into your workouts is intuitive and effective. If you’re looking to enhance your Muscle Ropes exercises, there are a few tips that can drastically affect the way your workout and how quickly your reach your goals.

Change Up Your Grips

The grip is essential to your Muscle Ropes workouts. The stronger your grip, the greater output, and there are many variations depending on your personal preference. Some examples of grips are the basic grip (similar to a handshake), the overhand grip, and the double grip . By shifting your grip further from away from the end of the rope, you increase the resistance and modify your workouts depending on your needs.

Add Lower Body Movements

You can build upon your standard Muscle Ropes workouts by incorporating lower body movements. These add complexity and difficulty to your workouts, actively engaging more muscle groups. By adding these movements into your workouts, you burn fat and build muscle quickly. One example of incorporating lower body movement would be to add a squat into the your exercise. Begin by starting alternating waves, for instance, while simultaneously performing a squat. Repeat the squat consistently throughout the workout to increase the intensity.

Alternate Stances

You can utilize many stances for your muscle ropes workouts. The traditional stance requires standing with your legs apart, slightly wider than your hips. One example of changing up your stances would be to assume a squatting position, with your legs parallel to the floor, holding this position while performing your Muscle Ropes exercises. By alternating stances, you work more muscle and blast fat even faster.

Mix Up Your Movements

Muscle Ropes exercises are an excellent total body workout. During your exercises, you can mix up your movements to reach even the smallest muscles. Instead of repeating the same wave pattern, for instance, alter your movements for greater results. This works smaller muscles and contributes to a well-rounded physique. For example, add a twist here and there throughout your workout, or move your arms side-to-side intermittently.