3 For 30 Jump Challenge

by Josh Ownby

Coming this May, Muscle Ropes calls on all of our fans to complete what we’re calling the 3 for 30 Jump Challenge, a personal 30-day heavy jump rope challenge meant to boost your fitness level and make you feel better.

The Challenge

Jump rope three minutes a day for thirty days. It’s that simple! Not only will you feel accomplished, you’ll improve your cardiovascular health and increase your overall fitness level.

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises for your body, whipping your heart into shape and burning just as many calories as running. Not only that, jumping rope works the muscles in your upper and lower body, too.

The Best Jump Rope

Muscle Ropes fused the battle rope and jump rope into one, making a workout rope that combines the strengthening benefits of our Muscle Ropes with the cardiovascular benefits of a traditional jump rope. We sell both indoor and outdoor exercise ropes, each manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our indoor ropes are made from a high strength polyester and performance polypropylene--a lightweight jump rope perfect for workouts in the gym or your home. Our outdoor jump ropes are manufactured for outside use, made from tough rope fibers.

Join us for the 3 for 30 Jump Rope Challenge this May, and jump your way to the body you deserve!

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