Battling Ropes - A Very Brief History

by Josh

What's the difference between battling ropes and a battle rope, or a workout rope and a fitness rope, or an undulation rope and a muscle rope?

If you look around the internet, there are hundreds of pages advertising battling ropes or battle ropes and about a dozen more variations (undulation ropes, exercise ropes, heavy ropes, workout ropes, fitness ropes, etc...).  This can lead to lots of confusion but I'll try and give a little history and dispel a little of the myth.

The idea behind rope training is most often attributed to a man by the name of John Brookfield who developed his own system of rope training known as "Battling Ropes".  His trademarked "Battling Ropes" system has been used with countless athletes including players in the NFL as well as members of the US Olympic Bobsled team, namely Ingred Marcum who stars in some of the Battling Ropes DVD's and could pretty muck kick anyones ass.  In the DVD's John Brookfield and Ingred Marcum go through a few dozen ways to use battling ropes to increase strength and stamina, and demonstrate the ways battling ropes improve explosive movements.

From John Brookfield the Battling Ropes spread like wildfire into different areas of strength training and conditioning, and since "Battling Ropes" is a trademarked system, the ropes themselves had to take on new names which is why you'll hear them called battle ropes, workout ropes, or heavy ropes.  While John Brookfield focused on perfecting the workout which we are extremely grateful for, Muscle Ropes has focused on perfecting the ropes!

Over the past years, we've teamed up with countless personal trainers, gym owners, athletes, and fighters to learn what makes a good workout rope.  Some of what we found was obvious: everyone wants a workout rope that will last a long time, and everyone wants a workout rope that doesn't break the bank!  Other things we learned weren't as obvious and we figured that out through trial and error: nobody wants a workout rope with slippery handles, nobody wants a workout rope that will mark up the expensive mats of a BJJ studio, and everybody wants a workout rope that's just the right size/length/material for them.

As a result of all this experimentation we're extremely proud of the Muscle Ropes brand we've developed and the way it meets the many demands of our customers.  We're happy to offer 4 different materials of rope that suit different needs:

Aftershock - Our manila rope perfect for outdoor workouts and the most economical answer.

Lightning - Our polypropylene rope that's perfect for ladies looking to tone rather than bulk up.

Cyclone - Our polyester/polypropylene blend that's perfect for indoor use and totally nonabrasive.

Thunder - Our 100% pure nylon rope that offers the highest weight per foot and durability of all other ropes on the market!

In addition to the different materials of rope, we offer both 1.5" and 2.0" diameter ropes that are available in 30, 50, 75, and even 100 foot lengths (75 and 100 being almost impossible to find on any other site).  What we are even most proud of however, is that every single rope that leaves our door is assembled by hand in the USA.

We started this business in the middle of a recession, but with a tight belt and a commitment to quality we are beating the odds and hope to keep turning out battle ropes, battling ropes, undulation ropes, heavy ropes and or muscle ropes for years to come!  I hope that was helpful.

Battling ropes or heavy ropes or muscle ropes?